Step by Step Using Facebook

Does it feel like everyone that you know is on Facebook? Do you want to join, but aren't sure how to start? Read How to Use Facebook and you will be posting on your friends' walls in no time at all.

Facebook is the largest online social networking site and currently has over 400 million users. Facebook allows people to interact, share photos, and find people. In addition to using Facebook for social purposes, many people use it professionally for business networking.

More and more businesses with an online presence will link users to a Facebook page. They will also frequently use 
Twitter and RSS feeds. Facebook has become an integral part of online marketing strategies, and users are able to connect to numerous sites using their Facebook Log-In.

There are also 
Fan Pages on Facebook. This is a relatively new offering. Fan Pages are targeted more toward a specific entity rather than an individual' social networking with friends and family. Just because they are labeled Fan Pages does not necessarily mean that the entity is a celebrity, a band, etc. Fan sites can be created for anything, especially online stores. More and more businesses are making use of Fan Pages to target their users to a Facebook entity that represents their enterprise.