Facebook Decides to Pull Down its Virtual Gift Shop

Next time when you send warm b’day wishes to your Facebook friends, sadly you wouldn’t be able to escort your good wishes with a great and sumptuous looking cake or beautiful roses or a Champaign bottle.  That’s because the largest social networking site is shutting down its Facebook gifts that actually owns the acknowledgment for the inception of Facebook Credits.
The announcement comes straight from the Facebook Blog where Jared Morgenstern cites the motive behind company’s decision as directing the focus more on other important products.

Closing the Gift Shop may disappoint many of the people who have given millions of gifts, but we made the decision after careful thought about where we need to focus our product development efforts,” wrote Jared Morgenstern, who is the product manager for the company’s new games and credits team.
The Gift shop will finally put down its shutters on 1st August however gifts that have already been sent will remain visible on the walls. Also those with heavy pockets and open heart who don’t mind spending some dollars to add extra sentiments to their best wishes for a dear one still have various other options to gratify their emotions.
The gifts you’ve already received on your Wall will remain visible, and you still will able to view your sent and received gifts on your gifts page. People also can continue to use the many third-party applications on Facebook for giving and receiving gifts, such as Birthday CardsHallmark Social CalendarPieces of Flair and someecards.”