'Hot Selfie' Painting Displayed in Twitter Office

Selfie trends or activities to photograph themselves through the camera seems not to fade. Once lined up as the 'Word of the Year' in 2013, has now transformed into a selfie photo painting.

Most popular selfie photos are converted into the painting is nothing but a pose performed by comedian Ellen DeGeneres at the Oscar awards in early March 2014.

Once converted into a painting, it also poses Selfie display at Twitter headquarters in San Francisco, California, United States. In tweet posted by Twitter employee named Lauren Mitcheom, she exhibited the painting and invite Ellen stopped by Twitter headquarters to selfie with the employees there.

Ellen selfie poses is committed as the most popular in the world of Twitter. So no wonder if the employees were so adore microblogging selfie the work.

In the photo to the face of Ellen and invited guests other Oscar awards which is a well-known celebrities, such as Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Bradley Cooper, Peter Nyong'o Jr., Channing Tatum, Julia Roberts, Kevin Spacey, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Jared Leto.

In a period of 3 minutes, the selfie tweet retweeted more than 80 thousand times. Then hit a record retweet at 10:40 AM and at 11:05 PM became the first tweet in retweets more than 1 million times. And on March 5, 2014, the number of retweets reach 3.25 million times.

Since the number of retweets the post, page BuzzFeed reported, Ellen contacted by the Twitter after Oscars telling her tweet that the activity could cause interference in the social media system was made ​​by Jack Dorsey.

Why Avoid Getting Friends With Your Parents on Facebook

Do Your Chores
Why Avoid Getting Friends With Your Parents on Facebook

Adding your parents to your Facebook page almost always ends up being something you regret. It's social media, so you'll something stupid and they'll see it, or they'll say something totally embarassing and you'll never live it down!

I'm sure this girl really didn't appreciate being reminded about doing her chores by her Dad in front of all of her Facebook friends!

Taking Care of Business
Why Avoid Getting Friends With Your Parents on Facebook

Honestly, this would have been a pretty cool way to handle the situation, if only it had been in person or a private message and not on that poor kids Facebook wall for all his friends to see! I bet he never lived that one down.

Facebook = Google
Why Avoid Getting Friends With Your Parents on Facebook

It kind of makes you wonder how his Dad ever figured out how to log into Facebook in the first place. If Stephen didn't finally give him the address they could have been at it all night!

Pregnancy Scare
Why Avoid Getting Friends With Your Parents on Facebook

I predict this girl is going to give her Dad a heart attack one day...

Racist Dad
Why Avoid Getting Friends With Your Parents on Facebook

You somehow get the impression he wouldn't have been nearly as upset if the guy had been white. Thanks for announcing to all my friends that you're a racist, Dad!

Mom Burn
Why Avoid Getting Friends With Your Parents on Facebook
I think Jordan might need some ice for that monster burn his Mom just gave him!

Divorce Announcement
Why Avoid Getting Friends With Your Parents on Facebook
It seems like this announcement could have been done in private first. Even older people are beginning to rely a little too much on social media these days!

Worst Father Ever
Why Avoid Getting Friends With Your Parents on Facebook
I don't know what is worse, that he is talking about his daughter's butt or that he is talking about his daughter's butt before he even picked her up at the hospital!

50 Shades of Yuck
Why Avoid Getting Friends With Your Parents on Facebook
No Mum, I do not want to discuss bondage sex with you!

Mom Found It
Why Avoid Getting Friends With Your Parents on Facebook

No one is better qualified to embarass you more than good old Mom.

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List of Most Popular Games on Facebook in 2013

In addition to social media, Facebook also has gaming features that can make people addicted. Not surprisingly, the creation of Mark Zuckerberg has finally released the list of the most popular games throughout the year 2013.

Games included in this list are selected based on an assessment of the associated implementation users on Facebook and a growing number of gamers and overall game quality. In addition, for the category of favorite staff consists of some of the popular games on Facebook's office.

Criminal Case, Most Popular Games on Facebook in 2013

In the list, the game earned a "Game of the Year 2013" is a Criminal Case, which utilizes Facebook Open Graph API. The following is a complete list of the most popular names that exist on Facebook:

Latest Game Category :

1. Bake Shop Drop by Broken Bulb Studios [Match-3 game]
2. Farm Heroes Saga by King [Match-3 game]
3. Heart of Vegas by Product Madness/Aristocrat [Slots game]
4. Hit It Rich Casino Slots by Zynga [Slots game]
5. Jelly Splash by Wooga [Match-3 game]
6. Kitchen Scramble by Disney Interactive [Strategy/time management game]
7. Monster Legends by Social Point [Monster battles game]
8. The Smurfs & Co.: Spellbound by Ubisoft [Strategy/village building game]
9. Soldiers Inc. by Plarium [RTS game]
10. Solitaire Tales by Qublix [Cards game]
11. Thunder Run War of Clans by SpinPunch Games [RTS game]
12. Vikings Gone Wild by EveryDayiPlay [RTS game]

Facebook Staff Favorites Category :

1. DoubleU Casino by AFewGoodSoft [Cards game]
2. Game of Thrones Ascent by Disruptor Beam [RPG/simulation game]
3. King's Bounty: Legions by Nival [Turn-based strategy game]
4. Panda Jam by SGN [Matching game]
5. Wartune by 7Road/Proficient City [MMORPG]
6. War Commander by Kixeye [RTS game]

Next game that has the title of "Hall of Fame" or games that have been present before 2013, but remained popular in 2013 are as follows:

1. Candy Crush Saga by King [Match-3 game]
2. DoubleDown Casino by DoubleDown Interactive/IGT [Cards game]
3. FarmVille 2 by Zynga [Farm simulation game]
4. Slotomania by Playtika/Caesar’s Interactive [Slots game]

Facebook itself has started a trend showing games for users on the site since 2012. Now this year the list of games on the site have been included and users who have not tried these games can use these lists to spend free time.

Youtube Paid Services Ready Next Year

Youtube Music subscription services seem equally harmful will not be put into effect from this year. Meanwhile, Google 's own mind is negotiating with record labels regarding access to all services on Google Play Music.

Despite the clarity of the subscription service later see a bright spot since found a code snippet on Youtube app for Android that leads to Youtube Music subscription service, but it seems Youtube users do not expect too fast this time

According to a report from AllThingsD on Wednesday (04.12.13), I called wanted to launch a subscription service this year, but it does not seem to be realized. The report also asserted when Google is considering launching Youtube Music subscription services in Q1 2014. Apparently, until now Google itself has not met the way out how to combine the official music video with user-generated content.

Google also claimed to have obtained all necessary content as a condition of launching the service, and not the first time Google postpone launch Youtube Music subscription service, earlier also done the same thing last October.

Not to identification of exactly when Google will release the service, but speculation is growing calls before April 2014 Youtube Music subscription service possibilities can be enjoyed.

Line rushed into e-commerce sector with Line Mall application

Line rushed into e-commerce sector with Line Mall application

Yesterday, Line, popular chat applications from Japan, announced they will prepare for the public launch of their e-commerce applications that will come (and eagerly awaited), namely Line Mall.

In a blog post on the Japanese language, the company is asking for e-commerce vendors that apply prospectively to join the application, which also will be used to validate each vendor and stuff.

Until now there has been no further details. But the post stating that the Line would like to provide products of the highest quality to its users, and describe the system in which the vendor will be rewarded for each successful transaction with points that can be exchanged for other goods .

What is the purpose of all this? Line Mall may not be as Craigslist would be no quality control, incentives on behavior, and social elements. In addition, there will be a teddy bear sticker too.

Line not tell the exact date of the launch of Line Mall. But they plan to run this service for the public in Japan in mid-December.

Last August, Line announced that they want to get into the e-commerce sector as part of an increased focus on engagement and monetization.

The company managed to earn income of USD192 million in the third quarter, up 48 percent from the previous quarter. Line also has 280 million registered users around the world, even though we do not yet know how many of those users are active.

Celebrate the 10th Anniversary, Microsoft Skype Work 3D Version

Celebrate the 10th Anniversary, Microsoft Skype Work 3D Version

Today, August 29, exactly 10 years ago the presence of your own company Skype perbicangan. Recorded within 3 months after was launched, Skype has been downloaded by 1.5 million users worldwide. Skype was created by Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis, and by the end of 2010 was used by 663 million people. This makes Microsoft interested and bought it in 2011 with a value of $ 8.5 billion.

In an interview with the BBC in touch with Skype 10 years, Mark Gillett, Corporate VP of Microsoft for Skype said that the team is working to create a 3D version of Skype that users will be able to retrieve and view images in 3D through a video call . But Gillett also adds Skype to build the 3D version takes a lot of adjustmenthardware .

Many innovations estimate 3D version of Skype will be well received when released, but it will not be much use because the issue of hardware and of course the user must have a lot of cameras. Below there is little Skype infographic from 2003.

Celebrate the 10th Anniversary, Microsoft Skype Work 3D Version