Line rushed into e-commerce sector with Line Mall application

Line rushed into e-commerce sector with Line Mall application

Yesterday, Line, popular chat applications from Japan, announced they will prepare for the public launch of their e-commerce applications that will come (and eagerly awaited), namely Line Mall.

In a blog post on the Japanese language, the company is asking for e-commerce vendors that apply prospectively to join the application, which also will be used to validate each vendor and stuff.

Until now there has been no further details. But the post stating that the Line would like to provide products of the highest quality to its users, and describe the system in which the vendor will be rewarded for each successful transaction with points that can be exchanged for other goods .

What is the purpose of all this? Line Mall may not be as Craigslist would be no quality control, incentives on behavior, and social elements. In addition, there will be a teddy bear sticker too.

Line not tell the exact date of the launch of Line Mall. But they plan to run this service for the public in Japan in mid-December.

Last August, Line announced that they want to get into the e-commerce sector as part of an increased focus on engagement and monetization.

The company managed to earn income of USD192 million in the third quarter, up 48 percent from the previous quarter. Line also has 280 million registered users around the world, even though we do not yet know how many of those users are active.