Google Buys Metaweb to Improve Search Results

While eyes are set on iPhone 4 and its antenna issue controversy, here’s an exciting news that you missed out: Google bolsters its search algorithm with Metaweb and social tools. The search engine giant recently purchased Metaweb for an amount that hasn’t been disclosed yet. Metaweb is a company that deals with organization of data on the Internet entity. The deal is likely to embed some “intelligence” in Google’s complex search engine algorithms.

And that’s not all they got! Google has also showed interest in Freebase, which also happens to be one of the popular Metaweb products. Freebase is thought to be an entity graph of people, locations and things. The freebase is the brainchild of a community that believes in the concept of open data. It’s expected that a social and organized tool on the lines of Wikepedia would be incorporated to the search engine’s Knol.

It will be really interesting to see how the search engine incorporates a gigantic data base, a free and open database, which would cover nearly 12 million things inclusive of films, books, TV shows, celebrities, locations, companies and many more.

“In addition to our ideas for search, we’re also excited about the possibilities for Freebase, Metaweb’s free and open database of over 12 million things, including movies, books, TV shows, celebrities, locations, companies and more. Google and Metaweb plan to maintain Freebase as a free and open database for the world. Better yet, we plan to contribute to and further develop Freebase and would be delighted if other web companies use and contribute to the data. We believe that by improving Freebase, it will be a tremendous resource to make the web richer for everyone. And to the extent the web becomes a better place, this is good for webmasters and good for users.

We look forward to working with the talented Metaweb team. We’ll be sure to share details on our progress in the coming months. In the meantime, if you’re interested to learn more about Metaweb’s technology, we encourage you to read their post and do check out the helpful video there,” says the Google on its official blog.

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