How Flickr Did it Right

There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of sites that will let you upload your photos and cerate online photos albums. But in my opinion, Flickr has done it right.
Several factors went into my decision to go with Flickr over say PicasaWeb or any of the others, and that was price and the API. The price for a Pro account is so cheap, something just above $2 a month, for unlimited uploads, is insane. No one comes close. The cheapest of PicasaWeb Pro accounts costs $20 a year for only 6GB of space. Some might ask, why would you need more than 6GB or even 10GB. My answer is because Flickr gives me UNLIMITED for $25 a year, and that’s just better.
I’ve started uploading all my photos to Flickr, and creating Sets to distinguish photos for an event. Flickr also has Tagging down. You can have pretty much an unlimited number of tags for a photos or sets or groups. This makes it easy to search for one of your photos or any number of public photos.
The interface on Flickr is easy and clean. It’s not cluttered by crazy ads, and that’s surprising seeing how it’s a Yahoo! property and I don’t think Yahoo! knows how to keep in your face ads at bay. It’s the reason I hate their web based email client, too many in your face ads. But the navigation on Flickr is clean and easy, and you can modify it to look anyway your want. I hope Yahoo! keeps their hands off Flickr.
If you don’t use Flickr I would encourage you to look at it. They have a free account and a Pro account. I have the Pro account and its been worth every penny. Flickr is stable, has an API and several options for managing photos from your desktop. The only thing I wish Flickr had was a better mobile management tool.