Orkut to Convert Into Google Me

Google apart from its list of social networking sites such as GMail, Talk, Voice, Buzz, Wave, Orkut, Profile, Picasa, Youtube, Latitude, Friend Connect et al is soon to add another site in completion with the Facebook.
Among these Orkut is the only platform that is a full-fledged, social networking website and has close to 30 to 35 million visitors a month. This is just a minuscule amount when compared with Facebook which has 500 million visitors a month.
At the very experts quickly add that Google has never really promoted Orkut as the ultimate social networking site still is considered to be a "hobby" project for Google and carries the Beta tag.
According to the reports of Chris Matyszczyk of Cnet, who states that Google needs to bring out Orkut in more channelized manner if they have to compete with rival Facebook: indicating learning a thing or two from Mark Zuckerberg and his team.
However experts claim that the above would require a advanced version when compared to the rest of the Google ecosystem. At the same time it was also suggested that Google should stop inventing and instead use the prevalent resources.