YouTube Will Spend $5 Million on Quality Traffic-Monger Viral Videomakers

Calling all YouTube Stars! On Friday at VidCon, a three-day online video industry conference, YouTube announced it will begin paying amateur video creatorsto create content to attract mainstream advertisers. Awesome. The ubiquitous giant of a site is not hurting for traffic, but it's a quality vs. quantity decision, and the $5 million Partner Grants Program is an initiative to improve quality and gain an edge against Hulu, a popular destination for well-produced videos. 

So, if you're really good at shooting videos of your kids biting each other, if you're not afraid to squeeze into a leotard and shake your bootilicious bottom, or if you can make your kittens riding a Roomba look like visual poetry, then perhaps, maybe, someday you can earn your livelihood that way.
We're just wondering one thing...will smoking baby get a slice of the dough?
All right, what good would a post about YouTube be without sharing one of our favorites -- the best music video/commercial hybrid ever made. Enjoy. 3AZ8GFDUQU32