Drive Traffic With StumbleUpon

Social bookmarking doesn’t being and end with Delicious. StumbleUpon is one of the web’s most powerful tools in getting your website seen by tons of visitors. Not only does StumbleUpon bring traffic to your website, but it brings relevant traffic that your visitors are looking for who are more likely to come back to your site later.
So how is StumbleUpon different from other social sites? StumbleUpon has re-invented web browsing by delivering quality websites to users at the click of their mouse. The StumbleUpon toolbar allows users to rate content by clicking “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” which effects how popular the website is overall.
One of the great aspects about StumbleUpon is the amount of social features that other social bookmarking sites lack. For instance users can choose their interests so the Stumble button only serves relevant websites. Users may also add friends and see their friends’ favorite websites while they surf. Users can even join groups based on interests and share websites with other members.
If you’re getting started with StumbleUpon, install the toolbar and sign up for an account. The toolbar is compatible with Firefox and IE browsers. Once you’ve joined and installed the toolbar, start stumbling to get a feel for how it works. After that try to submit your favorite sites by clicking the “thumbs up” button to build credibility on your StumbleUpon account.
While it’s occasionally acceptable to submit your own website to StumbleUpon, it’s best to let other users submit it naturally. Your site won’t get circulated as widely if it’s only submitted by the same user. StumbleUpon can create a powerful boost in traffic if it’s used as part of your overall web marketing strategy. If you’re looking to generate natural StumbleUpon traffic from users, it’s important to include Stumble buttons on your webpage. These buttons make it easier for visitors to thumbs up your website, even if they’re not at a computer with a StumbleUpon toolbar installed.
So what are the main reasons you should use StumbleUpon? Traffic, traffic, traffic. If a site becomes popular on StumbleUpon the surge in traffic to your site happens fast. All of these new visits can potentially boost your blog’s reader base. And of course all of this new traffic has the potential to turn into backlinks from other blogs who come across your content. So there you have it, great ways to drive more traffic to your website with StumbleUpon and the StumbleUpon button.