Karma Boosting Tips

The feature that I love most about Plurk is Karma. Every time I check Plurk, which is usually after breakfast, the first thing I do is to see how high my Karma points are. I would then try to calculate how many days it would take for me to go up another 1.00 while figuring out what random thought to Plurk first or what interesting news, media, and articles I can share with my Plurk friends and fans.
I guess I have my gamer self to blame for wanting to always gain Karma boosts. Every 1.00 is a level achieved and every 0.01 to 0.99 is experience gained from Plurking, responding to my friends’ plurks, and sharing all kinds of hullaballoo like news, pictures, YouTube videos, and articles of all sorts of topics. It’s always an achievement for me whenever my Karma increases and a downer whenever I’ve forgotten to freeze before leaving for a family outing or when I’m too busy to remember to update my profile.
So until I’ve reached Enlightenment, a.k.a. total Nirvana at 100, here are some tips I’d like to share with you when boosting your Karma points:
  • Complete your profile. Uploading a picture and entering your current location can already boost Karma for you.
  • Plurk regularly. You don’t have to Plurk a hundred times a week or twenty times a day. Just Plurk at least a couple of times to show that you’re an active member with hopes of reaching Nirvana and the Plurk gods will notice you.
  • Plurk interesting stuff. The internet is brimming with all kinds of interesting stuff. Just yesterday for example, I plurked about how a male bedbug would drill a hole into his female counterpart because the latter normally doesn’t have a vagina ready for mating.
  • Reply to your friends’ plurks. The reason why Plurk is considered a social networking site is because you can connect and share with your Plurk buddies. In my opinion, this is probably the feature that gives Plurk an edge over other micro-blogging sites. You get to comment and reply to other Plurks whether your replies are of amazement or fury.
  • Invite friends to join your network. If you have a classmate who’s on Plurk, check out his or her list of friends and you might just find someone who you’d like to invite into your network. I did this with one of my best friends and found WilliamShakespeare to which I clicked on the Add as a Friend button on his profile immediately.
  • DON’T SPAM. Definitely Plurk will remind you of this whenever you attempt to or accidentally plurk the same message more than 5 times.
  • Freeze it. Karma freeze is a feature reserved if you are going to be away from the Plurk world for a long period of time. If you think you won’t be able to plurk in a week or two, freeze your account. The 1.00 Karma spent will keep you from losing probably 3-5 Karma points for inactivity.
Each time I log on to Plurk, it’s always a new adventure unfolding before me. The Karma just makes it even more entertaining, especially with all the new smilies, the badges, and friends who complain about how high your Karma points are than theirs. Sure, at the end of the road all this is going to stop, but I’d like to immerse myself in the fun process of getting to that end while I’m still at 93.49.