BlackBerry Twitter App Graduates To 1.0

The official Twitter application for the BlackBerry platform has moved beyond its beta status and reaches a full 1.0 release.

Thanks to a healthy amount of user feedback, Research In Motion has been able to improve the official Twitter application for BlackBerries and is now offering it as a 1.0 release.

RIM made the first beta of the Twitter application available in April and updated it to a second beta in May. The May beta update introduced a lot of new features that were added due to user feedback. Today's 1.0 release mainly adds support for more languages, including: Portuguese, Japanese, Indonesian, Russian, Turkish, Dutch, and Korean.

The other new feature added to the Twitter application is improved profile search, which RIM says can be accessed from anywhere within the application. The search also uses an auto-complete feature to help find information about the people the user follows.
The beta versions of the application were fairly feature rich and allowed users to see push notifications for direct messages; tweet photos and links; shorten web addresses; see trending topics; view pictures posted to twitter; and integration across other applications on the BlackBerry device.

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A quick glance at the Twitter application's page in BlackBerry App World shows that it rates 3 out of 5 stars so far. RIM doesn't say if that includes ratings of the betas or if it applies just to version 1.0.
Of course, this official Twitter application is not the only Twitter application available for the BlackBerry platform. Plenty of alternatives are out there if you don't like it, such as TwitterBerry, UberTwitter, and Seesmic.
RIM says the update is already being rolled out, and it is also available from the BlackBerry App World.