Search Operators

Like Google search operators, Microsoft’s Bing also offers some powerful search operators to search effectively. You can use these operators to use Bing smartly. Here are some selected operators for a quick introduction :

  • define  Triggers an Instant Answer definition for the specified word. Use-Define Word    
  • domain: Limits results to the specified domain. Use-
  • intitle: Returns web pages that contain the specified term in the metadata title of the site. Use- intitle:ipod
  • filetype: Returns only web pages of the specified file type. Use- india filetype:pdf
  • language: Returns web pages written in a specific language. You need to use language code along with this operator. For example, language codefor Hindi is hi. Use- ipod language:hi
  • location: Returns web pages from a specific country or region. Again, you need to specify the country or region code directly after the location:operator. For the complete list of valid codes, refer Bing API documentation. Use- twitter location:in

The complete list of search operators can be viewed here.