Dallas Cowboys Player Imitates Osama Bin Laden, Posts Video to YouTube

Dallas Cowboy, Martellus Bennett, yanked a controversial YouTube video featuring footage of him in a fake beard pretending to be Osama Bin Laden.

The video was removed early Monday evening. It showed video of the tight end cooing, "Ya'll been looking for me?" He dances around an Arlington tatoo shop saying "I've been making bombs."

The politically incorrect video has been meet with nonchalance, disgust and even anger.

"I just think he was being silly and making fun of the whole situation," Pam Batman, who was visiting Cowboys Stadium from Alabama, said.

Khris Pruitt watched the video in disbelief. The Arlington resident says he once played flag football with Bennett.

"When people look at the video, especially the kids who look up to him as a role model they may decide that they need to chose someone else."

Bennett's YouTube posts have prompted backlash before. Last season, he was fined a game check, about $22,000, for posting a profanity-laced rap video, while wearing a Cowboys helmet. He was also criticized for posting the "black olympics". In the video, Bennett and his brother eat watermelon and fried chicken.

"It is just a couple of guys having fun and posting video to YouTube, which is no different from a 14-year old doing it, except that Bennett is higher profile," Andrew Batman, said.

But, while some are ready to dismiss the Osama impersonation as just silliness, Tina Estes is not.

"My husband is retired military. I really find it offensive. I think we need to capture Bin laden and he doesn't need to make light of that," Estes said.

A Cowboys spokesman had no comment about the Bennett video.