YouTube Latest Update Comes with Three Great Features

Youtube do the big update on YouTube Mobile that allows users to browse other videos while watching videos, find and create playlists video, and there are features of queuing video on connected devices. 

Google Update launched on Monday a YouTube app for Android, and continued with updates to other Mobile YouTube application in the future. As reported by CNET (08/19/2013) A Google spokesman said that the launch is very slow this was intentional and not due to leakage of the installer file or APK apps.
YouTube Latest Update Comes with Three Great Features

YouTube 5.0 for Android includes several features that can make applications like watching YouTube on the web and in some cases, beyond the experience of using the web.
Google confirmed the update for the YouTube application is expected to be present in the Play Store on Tuesday morning. While the YouTube app for iOS is also expected to be immediately updated . In the update there is a new a new logo design, video display forms with new styles, and three new major features.
Now you can scroll to the bottom when watching a video while doing browsing on other videos. This will minimize the video to the bottom right corner, when the main video display on- browsing screen to eat the rest. And when the video back up video will be shifted back to its original size. When the video is shifted to the right or left, the video will be closed.  
Other major new features is that you can browse and play videos that exist on the playlist in the app.
Video queuing now available on connected devices that use the Cast , like new Chromecast, Google TV and a PlayStation 3. When do streaming video on a device connected to the Cast , you will be able to browse and play videos that have been or are lining up to watch next.