Google Traffic Back Beat Yahoo in US

Google Traffic Back Beat Yahoo in US

In the last week, comScore showed that the number of visitors to Yahoo in U.S. balanced with Google for the first time since 2011, but other researchers with an overview of his research interrupted more serious.

SimilarWeb who perform traffic analysis on the website in July, found that as many visitors as Google had 21.4 billion globally. While Yahoo had 6.8 billion visits, including 700 million to 100 million for Tumblr and Flickr. In the U.S., Google had 9.4 billion visits more than Yahoo in the whole world. Total visits to Yahoo in the U.S. as much as 2.4 billion, as reported by Mashable (26/08/2013).

The picture that comes after comScore data in July indicating that Yahoo had 196.6 million U.S. visitors compared with 192.3 million visitors Yahoo.

Visits and Visitors certainly a different matrix. Visitors can make a number of visits per month, the same as SimilarWeb statistics show. However, statistics are not the same as the page view, which calculates how many websites are seen in this period.

Daniel Buchuk, Head of brand and Startegy of SimilarWeb, thinking that the visit is a more accurate description for consumer Internet users. "ComScore really count if people visit YouTube once a month or 300 times a month," he said.

SimilarWeb is a unit of SimilarGroup based in Tel Aviv, according to figures collected data from consumers who face a browser plug-in. SimilarGroup received funding of 2.5 million dollars to strengthen SimilarWeb, because it saw as a rival Alexa web measurement tools.

The following graph.