Swarm.fm Apps Sync Facebook and Sportify for Your Fave Music

Swarm.fm is a unique application that sync Facebook and Sportify for you to search favorite music recommendations.

Swarm.fm is a new app for music streaming service Spotify. The app won first prize at Spotify’s Music Apps Hack Weekend back in February, and has now been integrated into the Spotify software. Swarm.fm is the brain-child of Peter Watts, the same developer responsible for +Music, a music extension for Facebook. +Music was the primary method of listening to music on Facebook, before the social networking site partnered with other services, including Spotify.

Speaking at the hacking event earlier this year, Watts explained:

“Swarm augments your music collection with activity from your friends (liking bands, listening, posting songs) and activity from artists you like (new releases, status updates), to keep you up to date with your ‘music universe.’ It also find similarities between friends and can generate playlists based on artists, interests and brands you have in common.”

Swarm.fm Apps Sync Facebook and Sportify for Your Fave Music

Once installed, Swarm.fm runs inside Spotify. When on screen, you can open up information about any of the artists in your Spotify library. Available information includes which individual tracks you have, the artist’s discography, and which of their tracks are available to stream through Spotify. You can also read a biography, and connect with Facebook to find out which of your friends have been listening to the same artist.

So far, so good. One of Swarm.fm’s reigning features, however, is its ability to direct you to new music based on what you’re already listening. It does this in two different ways: by genre, and by similar artists.

Swarm.fm Apps Sync Facebook and Sportify for Your Fave Music

When you view an artist’s biography, you can see which genres they are “tagged” with. Clicking on these tags takes you to a list of artists who share the same tag. There, you can view artists by similarity, popularity, and ‘trending’ (i.e. emerging artists). You can also view other artists in your collection that match this tag.

Clicking on the “Similar” tab in the artist’s profile page brings up a list of similar artists that you might enjoy.

Swarm.fm Apps Sync Facebook and Sportify for Your Fave Music

Once you’ve connected with Facebook friends, you can find out what they’re listening to through Swarm.fm, even if they don’t have a Spotify or Swarm account themselves. And if you connect to a friend whose music taste turns out to be less than palatable, simply mute them, without having to disconnect.

That’s already quite a lot of features, but Swarm.fm doesn’t stop there. You can also view brand new releases, filtering the results to only include new releases from artists already in your Spotify library, or the most popular. In addition to finding new music, you can use the app to manage your current library. Search for music or artists, display artists of certain genres, or display artists from a certain year.

Swarm.fm Apps Sync Facebook and Sportify for Your Fave Music

Swarm.fm provides a comprehensive service that goes above and beyond what most music managers give. If you’re a regular Spotify user and want to give the music streaming service extra functionality, Swarm.fm is a great way to bring everything together and view your music library, friends’ soundtracks, and new recommendations all in one place.

Find out more about Swarm.fm by viewing the video below :