How to Sign into More than One Google Account at Once

Tired of juggling logins for multiple Google accounts? The solution is here. The Google Operating System blog has uncovered a new feature that allows you to manage all your accounts with just one login.
It’s easy to set up. Go to your Google Accounts page and find the “Multiple Sign-In” option. The feature is still being rolled out, so check later if you don’t see it yet.
Once you get to the multiple sign-in settings page, you sign in to your additional accounts and set the feature to “On.” Save your changes and you’re ready to go.
When you’ve enabled the feature, you’ll find a triangle by your email address in the upper right corner of the page. Click the triangle, and use the drop-down menu to change accounts on the fly.
You can learn more about the feature in the Google Help section. Note that the account you sign in with will function as your default account.
If you decide you don’t like this new option, you can always turn Google’s multiple sign-in feature off.
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