How To Maximize Your StumbleUpon Traffic

StumbleUpon is a superior website traffic generation tool. Use it well and you can literally drive thousands of visitors to your website. Of course to maximize StumbleUpon traffic, you need to create a strategy.
Here are five steps to maximize StumbleUpon traffic :
Step #1 Create StumbleUpon Traffic
StumbleUpon is a bookmarking site and social networking site. This means like other social networking sites, how you interact and the content you provide your “friends” have an impact on the effectiveness of your efforts.
To create StumbleUpon traffic, you need to spend time interacting on the website. It’s also important to create valuable, stumbleable content. Pay attention to the pages your target audience stumbles. What do they respond to? How can you create content that people respond to and will stumble willingly?
Step #2 Integrate StumbleUpon into your traffic strategy
Most traffic generation strategies include a variety of tactics. If you’re using StumbleUpon to drive traffic to your website then it’s important to integrate it into your traffic generation strategy.
For example, if you’re using PPC to drive traffic to your website, you might want to consider using StumbleUpon’s advertising program as well. Test and track effectiveness of the two campaigns to determine which provides the best results.
Additionally, use it with your other social networking sites and your opt-in list. StumbleUpon offers a unique Share option. This feature allows you to share a Stumble site you’ve approved with Facebook or Twitter. You can also choose to share with others or send the link instantly to an email address.
Step #3 Integrate StumbleUpon into your content strategy
Your content strategy is likely designed to accomplish a number of things including boosting your credibility, driving traffic, and generating awareness. For example, your Squidoo content can be Stumbled for more awareness and traffic.
Step #4 Tag Appropriately
Tagging is essential both for Stumbling your own website pages but also for other website pages. This is a basic SEO strategy for your website and it applies to your StumbleUpon strategy too. Be sure, whenever possible, to apply relevant albeit broad, StumbleUpon tags to your website reviews. This enables a more user friendly experience, better StumbleUpon interactions, and helps drive traffic to your website.
Step #5 Integrate StumbleUpon Into Your Website
StumbleUpon buttons are available and play an important role in promoting your website content for stumbling. You can choose from a variety of badges and buttons, create the code, and insert it right onto your website.
Maximizing StumbleUpon traffic is a straight forward process if you follow a few simple strategies. Take these five steps, interact in the StumbleUpon community and become part of the growing StumbleUpon wave! Use this amazing tool for all it’s worth to build and grow your business.
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