Easy Adding Stumbleupon Extension to Google Chrome

Adding the Stumbleupon extension to Google Chrome is easy, but does it work as well on the new browser as it does on Firefox or Internet Explorer? If you want to find out, and have the Google Chrome browser already, then adding an extension such as StumbleUpon is quite straightforward.

Just click the spanner icon on the top right hand corner of the tool bar to access the Google Chrome Tools options. When the drop-down menu appears, choose extensions. You will see a list of all your current extensions you have installed there. Scroll down to the end, and at the right hand corner you will see a link to add an extension.

Simply type in StumbleUpon into the search window that opens up and click on the title for more information, and to install. At this point, different users may have different experiences. My experience with it was that it was no way as quick or easy as on Firefox or Internet Explorer. I straight away got an error window saying ‘problem handling stumble.’ To test the StumbleUpon toolbar, I chose a politics news story and clicked the Stumble button. The response was slow and made my Acer notebook lag, Also, the Stumble page then led me to an advertisement for a kitchen gadget. 

I was beginning to understand other comments I had heard that the extension needed frequent refreshing updating or refreshing. I also had similar problems to friends who had  difficulty sharing, despite the enhanced facility to share with multiple users.

Google are apparently working fast to resolve all these issues with different programs and the extension has improved already. StumbleUpon has always been great for finding bright new content on hobbies and different fields of study. The Stumbling button offers up a variety of related sites, but on Chrome I think it still needs some work. Although sharing with other users is more comprehensive, the Share button doesn't always work first time. It's useful for some people. I, however, have now un-installed StumbleUpon as Google Chrome is working so well for me that I don’t want anything heavy or lagging on it. I will wait for the improved version, and I haven’t really missed StumbleUpon yet. Other good sharing extensions which do work well include Shareaholic, and of course you can always share pages by posting on Twitter via Chromed Bird and via Facebook.