Unfollow Some People on Twitter for a Reason

Sometimes there are genuine reasons why you may want to clean-up your Twitter friends list and unfollow some people.
For instance, some of them may be writing tweets at the speed of light thus hijacking your entire Twitter timeline.
Then there are souls who have either quit Twitter or have not bothered to write a single tweet in the past ten weeks but are still taking a seat in your friends list.
Bring Order to your Twitter Account
If you have therefore decided to prune your friends list on Twitter because the updates are getting out of hand, do check out ManageFlitter.
Once you sign-up using your Twitter account, the service will quickly sort your Twitter followers list into the following categories:
  • Talkative or Quite – They either tweet too much or too less.
  • One Sided – People who don’t follow you back.
  • Possible Spam – They have not added a picture to their Twitter profile
Armed with this data, you can simple drag your mouse to select some people from the bunch and hit “Unfollow.”
Unlike the Twitter web client, Manage Flitter lets you unfollow any number people in one go and you can even reset your entire Twitter followers list with this service. That said, unfollow people with care because some of them may get notified when you stop following them.
For more tips and tricks, check The Twitter Guide.
[*] I assume the developers wanted to name their service “Manage Twitter,” because that’s what the service does, but they settled on “Flitter” to avoid running into any trademark issues with Twitter.