How To Check Backlinks Of Your Blog In Google,Yahoo & Bing

Building links is a crucial part of SEO where you have to do lots of tasks for your blog to make a good position in the search engines. You know that directory submissions,social bookmarking,pinging,forum participation,article marketing all of these tasks can build a strong backlinks for your blog. In the recent time link research is getting higher priority where many webmasters want to research his competitors positions in the search engines.They are more keen to know from where their competitors are getting links,for which keywords they are getting top positions in the giant search engines. I personally saw lots of buyers in the freelancing sites are asking for link research projects for the freelancers. However these are some of my personal view. I do research backlinks behind my blogs and continuously doing this task for building more quality backlinks for my blog. So here are the tips to check your backlinks in major search engines.

Check Backlinks In Google

First go to com and in the box type Link:your blog url
Example : Link:

Check Backlinks In Yahoo

For this first go to and in the top box type you blog url and you will get inlinks behind your blog. Thats easy and try yourself.

Check Backlinks In Bing

For this first go to and type +link:your blog url
Example : +Link:

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  1. Thanks for the tip I've tried joining sites getting to know people listened to other affiliates And I can tell you ITS all been a-wast of time> My interest now is more on how to design websites and experiment with them than anything else.