Google Buzz Now With Firehose

Yesterday Google launched Google Buzz firehose, a key data stream coming out of Buzz that gives developers access to content as it’s published via a single feed with real-time PubSubHubBub syndication.
The announcement of firehose was posted on the official blog and stated this was their most-requested feature from developers. Also mentioned was the not so useful Buzz Mood, an app that scans Buzz updates for emotion-related verbs and creates slide-like animations for the viewer.
Access to the Buzz firehose appears to be free. Real-time search engines like OneRiot and Collecta are listed among the first subscribers, and more information about how to implement the firehose can be found here.
Google Buzz might not be the biggest source of currently available social data so I think the company is hoping the addition of firehose to a wider mix of real-time social update data can help expand and refine and application’s results. Google is also releasing a few new API features today; users’ comments, users’ links and share counts will now be available via their respective feeds.
Are you impressed with the new features? Will it make you more likely to use Google Buzz?