Google's Gift To Indonesia

Google Gift To Indonesia

Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia, the 68th received a response by the parties to participate in enliven historic day for the people of Indonesia. Google gives gifts of Google appearance on August 17, 2013 with the theme of Indonesia's independence day. Indonesian people responded positively and air thanks to Google.

Google faces the issue of independence of the Republic of Indonesia can be accessed only from today until 23:49 pm. Emergence in 00.00 to make the bloggers in Indonesia seemed surprised by Google's gift. They flocked to the Google display screen shots to preserve it.

Not just today but in the years before-before Google also frequently makes her special gift in the form of a special edition look Indonesian independence day on August 17. Google's own party seems to be very proud of Indonesia that they would publish a special edition to Indonesia.

This view looks at the front page of and alone. For this look and others do not look or zoom like Google generally. In Google Image zoom does not change the look of Google in general.

Let us capture the look of Google in 2013, the 17th Agusttus by pressing Print Screen and paste in Paint.After that store well in the photo folder which we usually keep memorable photographs with family or our friends.