YouTube TubeMate

You can download the various quality of video, from 3gp to Full-HD

1) Run Application
1) Browse contents with ""
2) Use "Menu" key to download video
: To download the file, you should browse the video review page)
3) Choose the quality of the video you want
: Support 4 types : 3GP(Lowest), MP4, HD, Full-HD(highest)
* Generally HD and Full-HD are not supported by smart phone.
4) Support background Download
: You can check it in "Notifications Bar"
5) Support continuing download
: If you want to stop to download, click the message in the notifications and it shows you the dialog.
Click 'CANCEL' to stop downloading. 
If you download the same file again, TubeMate continues downloading the rest of the contents
(file is appended)
6) Support progress/bitrate reports
7) Support youtube links from external Programs
: If you find a link to youtube in a tweet, Click it and you can find the "TubeMate" in the "Choose Dialog".

YouTube TubeMate Screenshots

Download YouTube TubeMate free for Your Android phone