MySpace, Facebook Film Promotional Aids

Facebook movie promotion ‘The Social Network’ was quite rife. Almost all reputable internet site has an ad film. MySpace is no exception.
Quoted by TechCrunch, Thursday (02/09/2010), though the industry to compete in social networkingFacebook kind enough to advertise on MySpace. Even the advertisement stated if Facebook will sponsor a MySpace. In addition to advertising on MySpace, other sites that goto the advertising pie ‘The Social Network’ is TechCrunch, VentureBeat and Techmeme.
If the movie’s Facebook advertising on all sites on the internet it is not surprising. Yet for MySpace, it’s like a slap. The reason Facebook and MySpace have been competing for a long time. Early emergence of social networking, after the era of Friendster, MySpace shift the position of the social networking site Friendster has become the largest. But not long position was altered by Facebook MySpace.
Not just advertising, MySpace also integrate these ads with a link on Facebook. The visitors are allowed to access MySpace Facebook link from the ad, complete with typical F logo Facebook.
Plus, Facebook also sponsors a movie channel categories on MySpace.