Stumbleupon & Digg Thumbnail Maker

Stumbleupon & Digg Thumbnail Maker is a simple WordPress plugin that allows you to specifically select a thumbnail for a post when your post is submitted to some social media sites.
StumbleUpon for example, it automatically create a thumbnail & attach to users ‘favorite’ when the web page is submitted. However, it does not always create a image thumbnail as what we want. Sometime, it just capture the whole web page or even takes the image ad on your page & use it as thumbnail.
Without any modification to the web page, we will have little control over what image should be used for the thumbnail. If the thumbnail is wrongly selected, the ‘favorite’ will becomes less interesting & it will attracts less clicks or stumbles. The following illustration shows two difference thumbnails from submitted to Stumbleupon, which one do you want to click first?
Image ThumbnailWebpage Thumbnail
Use this plugin to insert some image & html herder tags into the post for the social media sites like Stumbleupon or Digg to pick up.

Latest Version: 1.0

Here are some features that come with this plugin:
  • The plugin will ONLY inserts the thumbnail image specify by you on the fly right before the contents when your post is submitted to Stumbleupon. At all other times, the thumbnail image is not included in your post.
  • A header tag is inserted to the header of your post for Digg submission.
  • You can switch to javascript instead of php for Stumbleupon website detection. This is useful when you have other cache plugin installed, such as ‘WP Super Cache’, etc. as most of the time your web pages are static.
  • You can specify different thumbnail image for different post.

The Quick Overview

Screen shot showing the editing option right under the 'Edit Post' panel.Screen shot showing the editing option right under the ‘Edit Post’ panel.

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Feel free to use it in your blogs. Please feedback for any bug you might have found, or any suggestion you like to add. Hope this plugin which have benefited me would benefit you as well. Also, check out my other WordPress plugin: Quick Adsense