How to Make Use of StumbleUpon

Most of us are thinking that social bookmarking is just way to build backlinks (or to get your pages indexed ASAP). To be frank, your thoughts are absolutely wrong. Actually, social bookmarking sites will help your blog to reach a better audience. In less words, it can bring you a lot of traffic than what you dream. It will happen only if you are applying some special tips (I call it as tactics). Well, I’m gonna teach you those tactics in this post. Of course, its all about Stumbleupon since it is the best and easiest traffic driving SB site. Remember: this is a tested and working technique.

Just follow the steps and see how it works.

  1. Register an account at
  2. Don’t submit a lot of bookmarks in the first 2 weeks (for promoting your blog). Just submit 3 or 4 of your posts (that must be interesting).
  3. Do stumble few articles that are previously submitted by other people.
  4. Comment on as many bookmarks that you can. Make sure that stumbles are related to your niche.
  5. Subscribe to the stumblers those who are stumbling about your niche. Of course, be friendly with them. Message them that you’re following them and stumbling their submissions. Most probably, they will follow you back.
  6. Unlike twitter, each followers are very important in SU. A single great follower is enough to bring even 1000s of traffic to your submission.
  7. After 2 weeks or so, your profile will be subscribed by at least 10 stumblers. So, start submitting new stories and most probably, your stumbles will get re-stumbled by your followers. If any of your followers do that, that follower’s followers will do that and it will go like a ring! Just image the traffic if your followers are above 1000!
  8. Keep stumble button below your blog and recommend stumbling to your friends and readers.
  9. Use as the URL shortener while sharing your post on Twitter and Facebook. By doing that, your StumbleUpon button will show a lot of stumble count :)
  10. At last, the hardest tactic: Rinse and repeat this technique :)
So, what do you think? You gonna work this out?