How to Add Friends on Bebo

Among the numerous social networking sites which are highly popular nowadays is Bebo. It was founded in July of 2005 by the wife and husband team of Xochi and Michael Birch of California. In 2008 March, AOL Bebo supposedly for US $850 million. AOL operated the free service from 2008 March to 2010 June. The company then traded it to Criterion Capital Partners come the 17th of June 2010.

Bebo was created from the saying "blog early, blog often" since signed up users are persuaded to post numerous blogs to the best of their ability, upload videos, music and photos and carry out polls for friends to comment and/or answer. Each user profile page contains two default modules. The first is a comment module while the other is for the list of friends which the user may add to. Below are tips to guide you through the Bebo process of adding friends.

Going to the Bebo website followed by signing up for your account. It is quite simple and its free. Search for the link to sign up and then use the form provided in the center of the page. Type in it your full name should you be above eighteen years of age. Provide your email address and input a password. Provide the date of your birth and remember you have the choice of hiding your age and then hit the "Sign Up Now" button.

This should bring you to a page where you are asked to see if you currently any friends in Bebo by choosing any of the email address and examining your address book. One needs to type in their email password so as to access their address book. Bebo states that they do not store one's personal password. You may also see if your friends already are in Bebo by inputting their email addresses inside the box provided. Should you want to search for several friends you must separate their email addresses using a comma.

You may also see the link at the lower right of your main page of Bebo which says Invite. You may type in a friend's name or email address in the search box and hit Find. When the search list shows you may click on the friend's name and hit Add as Friend. Verify that you actually selected the right person by hitting the Add as Friend tab one more time.