Top 10 YouTube gaming videos of the week: Vuvuzela Hero,Twilight, and a 3-year-old gaming whizz kid

The buzz of plastic horns meet the music game phenomena of Rock Band and Guitar Hero in Vuvuzela Hero, the most-watched gaming video on YouTube for the week ending Wednesday July 7.
It's not the first or only time a YouTube user has crossed Guitar Hero with that South African stadium sound, but it's certainly among the most watched, complete with an ever-increasing score, multiplier bonuses for keeping all five vuvuzelas blowing at the same time ('Cultural!', 'Hellish!'), and a pain-o-meter to make sure maximum discomfort levels are maintained.
The Twilight Saga is also converted into something more suitable for gaming, with a smart set of interactive videos.
Twilight: Eclipse is re-imagined as a role-playing game from the 1980s. Part spoof and part tribute, the component parts of 8-Bit Twilight Eclipse have proved most popular before their gradual decimation by a handful of copyright-infringement notices.
However, it's World of Warcraft that claims ownership of the Twilight Highlands which, along with The Maelstrom, are locations due to feature in the upcoming game expansion,Cataclysm. The Halion tutorial is also related to WoW.
Elsewhere, fans of puzzle game Portal 2 are introduced to Wheatley, a robotic guide with an English accent, and there's a video claiming to show a 3-year-old's mastery over the firstPortal game as well as Mirror's Edge. Real or fake? Wait for him to take a drink before deciding.
1) Vuvuzela Hero - 622,036 total views
2) 8-Bit Twilight Eclipse Interactive - Baseball - 361,489 total views
3) The Maelstrom - 408,261 total views
4) Twilight Highlands - Tentacle Thing - 320,202 total views
5) Meet Wheatley - 285,915 total views
6) 8-Bit Twilight Eclipse Interactive - Team Edward - 231,888 total views
7) TankSpot's Guide to Ruby Sanctum Halion (Normal) - 260,936 total views
8) COD MW2 - Why Not Camp? - 280,261 total views
9) inFAMOUS 2 'New Gameplay Trailer' HQ - 256,717 total views
10) 3 year old plays Mirror's Edge, Portal - 215,524 total views