Study: Ads More Effective on Facebook Profiles than Newsfeeds

A study conducted by Mulley Communications found that Facebook users spend more time looking at advertisements on profile pages than on their homepages. 

While 71% of users looked at ads on their profile pages, only 31% looked at the same ads on their newsfeed pages. 

The study used eye tracking technology to analyse participants’ eye movements as they navigate through Facebook profiles, newsfeeds and business pages. The resulting data was compiled into a heat map (see video above). 

As for the direct returns of Facebook ads, the study was less optimistic. Only three out of 40 users purchased products directly from a Facebook ad. 

The overall user reception to Facebook ads were negative, as many users expressed “dissatisfaction with the presence of advertising” on the social network. 

Despite this, Mulley Communications still recommends business to create Facebook Pages, where they can start to “build a fan base from”. 

A total of 40 participants were involved in the study.