India Is No.2 Country For Facebook Growth

Indians always seem to have two obsessions: One is telling others what they are doing and another is to know what others are doing. Facebook undoubtedly helps them in this regard. The aftermath is the ever rising Indian population, month on month, on the world’s number 1 social networking site. If a report of Inside Facebook Gold is to be believed then in May 2010 India ranked as the 2nd most growth oriented country for Facebook in the World after Indonesia.

As you can see from above India added almost a million users to facebook’s growth just a shade under Indonesia. The promising fact for Facebook is that that’s still less than 1 % of India’s population and given the recent exposure to over 130 million users via the Airtel deal Facebook is only going to grow from here.

Also add to that the fact that Facebook has recently announced its mobile versions in six major Indian languages viz. Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, Telegu, Tamil and Malayalam and you know that the plan is to penetrate the Indian subcontinent in a deeper way. It is true that not all the Indians get access to broadband internet due to geographical and cost bottlenecks, but there has been an unprecedented growth in the usage of wireless ones( a whopping 617.5 million users) in the form of data cards and other services. Thanks to service providers like Tata Indicom, Reliance and MTS.
Apart from this, the country is expected to have about 260 millions mobile internet subscribers by the year 2015. All this points to a very bright future for Facebook in India.
Because of the above reasons Facebook has seen a consistent growth in  its market penetration in India. 
All in all with facebook launching its presence in India soon with 150 million dollar investment and looking to hire over 500 people it seems India could be the at the center of facebook’s overall social networking strategy in the days to come.