Automated Swom Friend Adders

Currently I am aware of two programs that allow you to add contacts in Swom automatically.
The first one is called Swom Bot.  I have tested this new Swom friend adder and quite honestly it works very, very good!  It is very easy to use and implement.  If you have no computer skills whatsoever, you need not be afraid of Swom Bot.  You can download it for free and get 500 credits free at
It is a free download and after registering you will receive 500 credits so that you can add 500 new Swom members to your contact list.  You can purchase additional credits  in the amounts of 5,000 (5 £ or approximately $7.58 US Dollars), 10,000 (8 £ or approximately $12.13 US Dollars), 20,000 (15 £ or approximately $22.75 US Dollars), 50,000 (30 £ or approximately $45.49 US Dollars) and 100,000 (50 £ or approximately $75.82 US Dollars).
I was also going to do a review of a second one called webDOMinator.  Supposedly it has numerous plugins that you can download that will work with virtually any social network that you may be a member of.  But when I tried to download it my anti-virus software said it contained malware.  It may just be a glitch or an overzealous anti-virus program, nonetheless  I am not going to risk my computer with malware if I have already found what I want and it works quite well!  If you would like to check out webDOMinator feel free at but don’t say I didn’t warn you when your computer comes back working like a paper holder!
webDOMinator has a monthly subscription charge starting at $19.99 for a month, $54.99 for three months, $99.99 for six months and a one year license for $189.99.  The plans provide you with (1)  license to use the webDOMinator software on one computer plus unlimited sites. Payment recurs every period for which subscription service you have paid for.
WebDOMinator also offers a free 14 day trial.
Swom Bot and WebDOMinator are currently the only two friend adders that I am aware of that will automate adding contacts to your Swom account.  There are many more contact adders for a variety of social networks.  So if you do a lot of social network marketing you may want to investigate for yourself what some of these other options may be.
Lastly, just a brief note if you use an automatic friend adder for any social network there is always a chance that you just might irritate the administrator of the site and he will delete/ban your account or and/or block your I.P. address.  Just going from previous knowledge of other websites these bots can and do wreak havoc on servers and can cause a great deal of frustration and anger for the admin.
This is a quote from the Swom Admin:
“Swom Admin: ‘Please be advised that the use of automated software is strictly prohibited on SWOM, particularly softwares which make automatic posts in an effort to earn community points. This is not fair to other members to spend time participating. Please make sure you do not use any such software/program on Swom and delete any reference to them on your Swom profile. Attempting to ‘cheat’ the system on Swom is a sure way of getting your account deleted, and you will forfeit all your commissions.”
In the end, as always you will need to find the most appropriate method that you feel comfortable with and run with it!  Have fun adding friends on Swom!!

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  1. I want to make Gold member at SWOM so please tell me easy way for make a Gold Member at now my points is very low.